Students applying at Prishtina High School do not need to pay any application fee.

Services covered in the payment under this contract include access to all instructional material, including books, electronic books, printed material, library facilities, calculators, computer lab, science labs, gym, fitness room, soccer field, student lockers. Other services within this contract also include letters of attestation, recommendation letters, assistance and guidance for universities in Kosovo and abroad as well as the one-time issuance of diplomas and transcripts.

Please note: Prishtina High School is a non-profit NGO, therefore all tuition costs are invested in your child’s education.


National Tuition for academic year 2018/2019:


Elementary School

Grades 1-5

Middle School

Grades 6-8

High School

Grades 9-12

€  3,850.00 €   4,350.00 €   4,580.00


International Tuition for academic year 2018/2019:


Elementary School Middle School High School Elementary School (Non-subsidized tuition)* Middle School (Non-subsidized tuition)* High School (Non-subsidized tuition)*
€11,500.00 €13,500.00 €15,000.00 € 5,750.00 €6,750.00 €7,500.00

*fee applicable if employer does not provide tuition allowance. Additional documentation will be required to prove eligibility for the non-subsidized tuition fee


Individuals and businesses may designate a tuition payment for a particular student.
The student receiving the donation is expected to write periodic updates to the donor, and the school is authorized to give the donor pertinent information about the student’s academic and behavioral status.



All children of Prishtina High School current national employees may attend school free of charge.



Prishtina High School is offering early payment discount options for the 2018-2019 school year.

These options are described below:

• Full prepayment in March will equal an 8 percent discount
• Full prepayment in April will equal a 5 percent discount
• Full prepayment in May will equal a 3 percent discount



Families with two or more children attending PHS are eligible for a 5 percent discount on the tuition of each child.



If you encourage parents of a prospective student to join us here at PHS, and if the student ultimately enrolls both you and the new student will be rewarded: your child will receive a 5 percent discount and the new student will receive a 50 Euro coupon towards the cafeteria expenses. Regarding the referral program steps, please check the Referral Program Policy.

DEPOSIT FOR 2018 – 2019

Notice: due to high enrollment demand from additional students to join our classes and our class size limitations, parents of current students should not delay the registration of their child for the next academic year. June 15th, 2018 is the last date for making the deposit payments of 500 Euro that will guarantee enrollment. This payment will then be deducted from the first installment of 2018-2019.



I. Late registration: A 10% late fee is added for if the student registers after the 15th day of the school.
II. Overdue invoice: A 10% late fee is added to the tuition invoice if past due date for 30 days or more.
III. If tuition payment has not been received 30 days after the invoice due date, the student will not be able to attend classes until full payment of the tuition invoice.