PHS is located in the quiet and friendly neighborhood of Matiqan, in Prishtina, about 5 kilometers away from the city center, as well as the noise, pollution, and other disturbances that come along with it. The school occupies a modern five-story building, with green surrounding areas, that contains 22 large, fully-equipped classrooms, a cafeteria, a library, a fitness room, and a regulation-size basketball gymnasium. Our students have access to high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the campus.

With a limited number of students, our school wants them to be individualized. As such, not only do teachers know their students’ name, but they know them personally. Striving for individualization, PHS students have their own personal lockers, in which they can store books and other school supplies which they do not need carry home, and bring back the next day.

– Every classroom is wired for high-speed internet access and is equipped with at least one computer. In addition, every classroom has high-speed WIFI to allow teachers and students to use portable laptops and tablets. All teachers have access to both large, flat-screen Smart TVs and internet-compatible projectors. In addition, all students have access to a modern, fully-equipped Computer Laboratory. It contains a total of 20 computers through which our students can practice their programming skills in their Computer Coding class.

– The PHS Library includes over 10,000 hard print books of different genres, and thousands of digital texts in the sciences and humanities.

– The school Cafeteria, which seats over 125, serves hot meals prepared on-site for breakfast, lunch, and break time, and remains open to students throughout the day. Our cafeteria is more than just a food service location. It is the place, in which our students, and staff, connect with one another, whilst having a nice lunch among friends. The school kitchen provides students with all kinds of food – fresh and healthy. We care a lot about our students’ well-being. We want them to stay healthy, and fit. Hence, along with the fresh food, we offer them the fitness room. It has all the necessary equipment one should have. An elliptical machine, a treadmill, spinning bikes, and yoga accessories, are a few of the equipment.

– Aside from a regulation-size basketball gymnasium, PHS has an outdoor grass football field with spectator seating, as well as a score board for the official matches the school organizes. Younger students have access to a large playground area for recess and outdoor events.

– As community service is part of the curriculum, our students serve their school community also. Within its territory Prishtina High School, includes a botanical garden, which allows students to realize their creative projects regarding environmental practices, as part of their science class programs.

– PHS has three fully-equipped science laboratory rooms in which middle and school science and high school biology, chemistry, psychology, and anatomy are taught. As these classes require that students conduct experiments, the labs allow students to perform them and actually do “science”, as part of their studies.

– Elected members of the Student Government Association do more than just represent the student body to faculty and administration. SG is responsible for shaping much of the student experience at Prishtina High School, as part of their student life. SG works closely with other student clubs in support of their activities, as well as resources. SG has its own front desk, through which they can assist their fellow peers, as well as their own meeting room, also known as the Student Government Area.

– The students of Prishtina High School develop their talents in drama, music, and dance, in our Performing Arts Area, specifically designed, and equipped with all the necessary instruments for students to conduct their creative activities. PHS also provides students with the Visual Arts Studio, in which they draw, paint, design, origami, craft (crafting club activities), practice photography and filmmaking (club activities), as well as practices such as building clay sculptures, and maquette architecture.

– The largest space in the building is the so-called Presentation Room. It is mainly used for presentations, however considering the fact that these take place occasionally, being wide enough, the room is also used by the dance club.

– In addition to all the outdoor spaces for student activities, there is one special area, thought under construction. That is the mini-golf space.

– The most special space in the school is so-called Secret Garden. The space is beautifully decorated, which students use as a resting place, as well as for reading, in the cushions provided.