Community Service


PHS is more than just an educational institution, we endeavor to be vital and positive member of the larger community.  We believe the success of our students depends on their holistic growth, which requires them not just to advance academically at PHS, but to engage the world outside the school.

To this end, students must complete 20 hours of community service each year as a requirement to graduate from High School.  Students find this service rewarding in its own right, but it also builds important life skills by increasing self-confidence and teaching students to use judgment and act independently.  Time spent engaged in community service is a valuable experience, encouraging students to cultivate meaningful relationships and expand their horizons.


The following are a few services in which our students participated over the years:

Recycling drive

Tutoring kids from the community

Teach computer skills to the elderly

Donate children’s books and other school materials to public schools

Coach sports to a youth team

Donate homemade blankets to people in need

Make and sell hygiene kits for the homeless

Bake sale for charity

Volunteer at the local dog shelter

Visit retirement home and spend time doing fun activities with the elderly